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Hello Luxe Lover! My name is Mari, founder of Live.Luxe.Lav.
As a working, single mother, I know firsthand how important it is to always strive for more in life.

My dream of starting a business began in 2014, when I started making candles as a hobby. With the help of my cousin Monique, I decided to turn my passion into a business. Our soy-based candles were a huge success! However, like many of us, life can sometimes throw us curveballs, and the business took a brief break. But as they say, "His setback, is His setup". And so, I came back stronger than ever, with a plan to take my business to the next level.

We've improved our candles by switching to natural, non-toxic, coconut-apricot wax and using wooden wicks, which produce a clean burn and provide minimal carbon, soot, and debris buildup. We've also upgraded our vessels from mason jars to luxury tumblers, which are reusable. So just like the improvement in my life, we did the same to our candles.

We've given our candles a new look, name, and quality, just for you! We all have past traumas, failed relationships, or life-changing events to heal from, and my goal is to provide supportive community for everyone on their journey.

At Live.Luxe.Lav, our mission is not only to provide luxury candles, but also to inspire, advise, and motivate our Luxe Family to begin healing and living their best lives!